Hi I’m Erika! I’m an Academic Technologist, more specifically a Digital Creation Technologist currently at Plymouth State University (pretty sure I am the only one in the world with that title, I’m just really unique okay? :-D). I’m also an MBA Candidate at the University of New Hampshire and will finish in July 2020 (when will my graduation ceremony be? Only time will tell). Get to know me professionally.

I’ve also worked in think tanks and libraries doing video, communications, and new technology work in addition to serving up good book recommendations.

In my free time I play roller derby where I serve as president (2018-2020), I also volunteer at her local animal shelter and with Medical Makers.

I have been creating a podcast called “Fly the Coop” with my fiance Taylor Hall in my free time about chickens.

I enjoy writing, reading, having almost two master’s degrees, and rolling around Concord, NH on my electric bicycle.