Erika Rydberg-Hall

  • On the Ground as an Educational Technologist in Higher Education – 2022

    I’ve been an Educational Technologist since 2016 – I began my journey before the Covid-19 pandemic was front and center of our lives (and still is). During this time I got married, finished a 2nd master’s degree bought a house and adopted two new cats from my local shelter. I’ve been thinking a bit about…

  • Fail, Upward & Keep Hustling

    In 2008, I graduated. I had worked on Obama’s successful political campaign for president. I felt like change was coming. I decided to work to give back to my community and do AmeriCorps. I worked at UMass Boston and served a wonderful community of students and had wonderful co-workers. I met an amazing, diverse group…

  • To the Graduating Class of 2020, From the Class of 2008

    To the Graduating Class of 2020, From the Class of 2008

    Approximately three years ago, I decided to begin my 2nd master’s degree, I thought, why not? I’ll learn more and maybe at the end of all this get a better job and with the benefits from my work the degree was for the most part, paid for. I finished my undergraduate degree in 2008, during…

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